Hide menu bar on header if screen open

I have a menu bar on the header with buttons leading to other windows. I want these buttons on the header to only be enabled if the home screen is open and disabled otherwise. I’ve tried different ways but I can’t get it to work correctly. I tried this expression in the ‘enabled’ property of the button: system.nav.getCurrentWindow() = “HomeScreen”
This did not work.Any suggestions on how to do this?

I meant to post this in the ignition design help forum…

The expression should be like this:{[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow} = "HomeScreen"

ok. how would the syntax be say if i wanted to include several other screens as well? ie: Alert_Overview, Devices, etc…

Here you go:{[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow} = "HomeScreen" || {[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow} = "AnotherWindow"