Hide ScrollBar AlarmStatus Table

I need to HIDE the scrollbar of my AlarmStatus Table. In fact, I’m using a menu docked to show only the 3 last alarms. So I don’t need the srollbar. Just for information, the “Marquee Mode” is not an adapted solution since the alarms continue to scroll.

I’m using Ignition 8.0

I’m assuming Vision, since you mentioned marquee mode; in that case - it’s possible, but somewhat tricky. You have to “drill into” the Alarm Status Table component’s internal elements to find the inner table component, then change its “scrollbar policy”. There are examples of doing those two things separately on this forum if you search, but probably not both together.

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I did a trick to hide the bar. In the properties, I activated the Marquee mode and then I affected the value -1 (scroll delay).It works !!! Look the screenshot: