Hide submit button on signature pad component (Perspective)

Is there a way to remove (hide) the submit button on the signature pad component in Perspective? I want to execute the submit on another save button, which is possible, but the submit button is confusing for the users.

No, there’s no way to remove the Clear/Submit panel. I recommend changing the text of the “Submit” button to something like “Save Signature” to prevent users confusing it with your other Submit button, and then toggle the enabled state of the two buttons based on some condition:

Perhaps in the onSignatureSubmitted event you could use the following

self.props.actionBar.submitButton.enabled = False
self.getSibling("MySubmitButton").props.enabled = True

Or just set up a custom property signatureSubmitted and bind the two relevant enabled properties against that property with whatever negations you need.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know if this visibility function is something that you are going to add to the component? Or do I need to create a new idea on: Ignition Features and Ideas | Inductive Automation

There are no planned changes to the component at this time.