Hide the "Launch Designer" from the menu bar

I would like to hide the “Launch Designer” that is located in the top menu bar so that only after logging in as a Admin you can see it or at least when you click on it, It will not launch.

I don’t think there is a way to do that, but you can “set permissions”.
Basically, from the Gateway web page go to Settings - Gateway Settings - Designer Role(s). Here you can specify the role(s) necessary for a User to be able to launch the Designer.
Hope this will help you.

This will work to keep users from logging into designer. I would love to be able not even allow them to launch the client. Right know you can install the Designer client on a computer without even logging on to the gateway. You just can’t log in.

Yes, you are right but in this case I don’t understand your final goal here. Which is the difference between having a user launch the Designer and stop at the log in popup or having a user be “stuck” at the gateway page?

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