Hide visibility numeric text field

Hi, I am new to the software, I would like to know if there is a property script or something similar like “mouse onclicked”, it could hide the visibility of the numeric text field to show another numeric text field (1), this is basically for show current tonnage and clicking show tonnage from previous shift

There are plenty of ways to do this. Personally when I build out the tags if I know I will have current and previous that I want to switch between, I will account for that in the tags. If you have one folder for current and one for previous and the rest of the tag path is the same, then you can use indirection to change the value that is provided to your numeric text field instead of needing two separate fields stacked and hidden.

If you can do that or not though depends on how you structured your tags. But even if you can’t use indirection, you can use a custom property with an expression that looks at if you have current or previous selected and returns your value based on which one you have selected. Using indirection or an expression to provide your value will make your screen more efficient than having all the values there and using visibility.

If you are determined to use visibility though, your text field has a visibility binding available on it. You should be able look at whatever object your using to switch between the two and set your visibility based on that. You shouldn’t need to get into scripting.