Hide windows on the tree view navigation

I do not want to show all the windows on the vision client that i created on my designer. I am using a tree view navigation strategy. In the following snip, I don’t want to show the configurator window (or the Configuration folder) on my vision client. can somebody help me how to do that.

The treeview works off of a dataset. You can recreate the dataset in a database table then have another table to assign users which groups of the treeview they should be able to see.

So to get the tree view windows, The following code is being used on the window. event handler "vision window opened’.

currentWindow = system.tag.read("[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow").value
windows = system.gui.getWindowNames()
system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath(‘Root Container.Tree View’).updateTreeView(windows, currentWindow).

Use this:

windows = [x for x in system.gui.getWindowNames() if 'Configuration' in x]

You’re getting a list of window paths, this filters out ones that have ‘configuration’ in the path.

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I think you mean.

windows = [x for x in system.gui.getWindowNames() if 'Configuration' not in x]
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Hah right, important distinction there. Thanks!