Hiding About box to restrict access to gateway

Hello (again)… I am currently looking for a way to restrict access to the gateway project list (mysite:8005/) without restricting access to the project itself. Now, since the only time a customer would see a link to our gateway address is by going to Help -> About FactoryPMI, I searched for how to disable the menu bar and came across this thread:


Apparently the feature request was submitted at the time of that thread but I don’t think it has been added to 3.3. At this point, I am totally content with just hiding the link from the About page since restricting access to the gateway also restricts access to launching the project. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

I suppose the option could be added to simply hide the gateway url, but I am somewhat loathe to recommend it, it sounds like option bloat to me.

Removing the entire help/about menu sounds like a better option, since other people have also expressed interest in doing that. The main reason we haven’t done that is that the help/about menu is currently the only branding in the client, and we aren’t willing to give away a white-labeled version, as I’m sure you can understand.

Some potential options:

  1. We could add Inductive Automation branding onto the login screen, freeing up the menu bar or parts of it to be made invisible.

  2. It sounds to me like you might be implementing a multi-customer hosted application, and as such, it might be appropriate for you to white-label the software, at which point you could customize the gateway home page (remove project list in the first place) and/or customize the help/about screen.