Hiding and showing lables upon a tag value

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your support!!

I would be happy if I could get some help with the followings:
I need to make some labels visible or hidden upon a Tag value.

How can I do that?

thank you!

Take a look at this topic.

Is that close to what you’re looking for?


Create an expression binding on the visible property of the label. For mine, I have a boolean tag the expression is referencing, and the expression is



I want to do this:
Show or hide a label field if the value inside it is higher then, lets say, 1000.
I am using indirect Tags.

How can I do that?


On the visibility property add an expression binding looking at the value contained within:

{Root Container.Numeric Text Field.intValue}>1000


Not sure I understand how to do that.
I am using Indirect Tags and if I’ll add an expression that will remove the indirect, no?
How do I know the {Root Container.Numeric Text Field.intValue} - correct path?
I though that there was a this.value solution.

I need an assistance with the path of the value - how can i get the right path?
Please help me to understand where to add the above.


You’re right on that. In that instance, create a Custom property that will hold the value from your indirect tag. You can then bind the visibility to the custom property.

Let me go further. You can either use an if/then expression in the visibility property or you can use the style manager to do the same thing. The style manager would be a more flexible option for you.