Hiding Broken Tag Graphics

Is it possible to hide broken tags or non-linked graphics to appear linked or assigned??

If so, how?

In the client? In the designer? In Vision? In Perspective?

In Vision you can hide overlays.
In Perspective you will need to do something with the tags. I personally convert all my tags to memory tags using a python script and then back again when I have a plc.

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I use a client startup script to disable them

# disable tag overlays

Aren’t you masking any errors and validly bad tags by doing that, thus not alerting operators that some of their values are potentially not correct?

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Well I wish I didn’t have to. But between issues with tag quality when the windows load and docking/redocking laptops it gives a much better user experience. We don’t have many issues with tags being legitimately bad quality anyway.

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@nminchin- hard to answer that because i am not the creator and i prob should have phased my question in an other way.

I am 3rd party commissioning a site SCADA and I’m running into issue that appear to be caused by hidden, broken or tags that aren’t assigned. I’m finding a lot of data is not populating at all and the data that is populating are incorrect. so the initial question came to mind because I didn’t know if it was possible.

the client doesn’t show that there are any issues in terms of broken tags however, i happened to loose comms with the server at one point but then regained comms, the data that was once not showing bad remained to appear as so while the others that were working came back online.
I am trying to add a pic…

If you switch to another page and back again–or close the client and reopen it–do the tags show up good again? If so, that’s a bug a lot of us have seen in Ignition 8. Upgrading to the 8.1.1 almost completely resolved the issue for us (extremely rare rather than extremely common).

I did try to click out by selecting a different window and no change. I had to close and restart the client.

ill take a look at what rev we’re using.

Thank you