Hiding Projects on the Launch Page

Hello Ignition Forums.

This is my first post here so correct me if I’m wrong for posting this here but I could use some help.

We have close to a dozen projects that everyone from our employees to our clients access for various reasons. So my question is;
is there anyway that you can split home launch window on the gateway to only allow certain users access to certain projects? We are just looking for a way to make it more user friendly for our clients and employees who are not all as computer savy.

The only other options I can think of is either to:
a) Make each user create a shortcut to the java launcher
b) create a custom front end webpage that requires a log in and then displays buttons that again are just shortcuts to the java launcher.

Thank you.

There isn’t a built in way to split the Gateway homepage but you definitely can do option b.
(Create a custom front end webpage that requires a log in and then displays buttons that again are just shortcuts to the java launcher)

You can get the links for the projects from this post.

You can even do option b in ignition.
create a generic login page/project that the users log into. Then, based on the users permissions display a screen that only has links to those projects that the user can access.

Check this out for more info on how to do this.

Robert has an interesting point. I think he’s referring to using system.security to determine permissions and retargeting to launch the project, which works well with one Ignition gateway or many.

We use a “simple” auto login Project that uses the Users Network name as a “Primary Key” into an SQL table to return a dataset with a block of “bits” which are bound to the Visible property on several Buttons. These buttons are on a Window that is set to auto open Maximised at Launch. Each button on that window “retargets” to the relevant Project.
It works well for us & we get to control the access by editing a set of flags on an SQL server at the site.(remotely …ah the wonders of a WAN :mrgreen: )

We set this up for a geographically dispersed company. Everyone with access to the system can log into the main project that displays a map of the province (or state) each user can then click on different regions to access the individual projects that they are allow to access. If they don’t have access to a particular region, they get an error message. It would be simple to just disable the links but the user wanted the error message. Something like “You do not have permission to access the region. If you feel this is in error, please contact …”

All great ideas. I’ve used the main project/redirect based on login before and it works great. The only “problem” with that one is if you have an Ignition server onsite that holds their project, they have to login remotely then be redirected back, which takes longer and has issues if their internet is down.

Hey thanks everyone. These are all great ideas. I really appreciate the help.