Hiding the bubble backgrounds on Perspective Map Control

I know I did translucent overlays on past projects but I forget if I just layered them over top the map or embedded them in the map. I tried making map pins load my popups and it loads them but it puts a bubble behind my popup which defeats the purpose of having a translucent background.

I realize I could put a script in the "onMarkerClick" event to send a message to make a popup appear but I'm looking for a more elegant and/or embedded solution. I was able to open a popup in onMarkerClick with the correct parameters for the pin but it had the bubble behind it also so it was a less elegant way to do what markers can do.

It just occurred to me that I could pull it off with a hideous kludge by embedding a view for each pin point and toggling visibility to show them when the user clicks the corresponding map pin. I don't want to do it that way either.

What do you mean by bubble?

This is a screenshot from a test environment.

I should have explained that better. The popup has a translucent black background to create contrast but you can't see through it to the map. Instead, you see through it to see the bubble.

Gotcha, this can likely be done with theming but what part of the popup are you trying to hide? The white part of the bubble and the x in the corner? Or also the gray, and if so where it the gray coming from?

I'm just trying to hide the bubble. I want to avoid editing back end stuff because I don't want to create a puzzle for anyone that isn't me in the future support of the system.

The translucent black background is a style class I have applied to the root container on the popup view.