Hiding the Menu Bar

All clients to hide the menu bar?
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    There is currently no way to remove the menu bar from a FactoryPMI client.

Being able to remove the menu bar is essential if we are to use Inductive Automation software. I’m developing applications for jobs where Inductive Automation screens are used to display OEE data on large monitors for the entire production/ assembly line to view. Having the menu bar is unacceptable to our customers.

If we can’t remove it we’ll have to use your competitor’s HMI software. Please seriously consider incorporating this feature soon!

As I mentioned on this other thread (and have received no feedback) viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3815 we are considering this, but our concern is that currently the Help > About FactoryPMI section is the only place where the client is branded in any way. Hopefully you can appreciate that we are not willing to give away an unbranded product. So the question becomes: in what way would you prefer to have the client branded? I’m thinking that the login screen could become branded. Thoughts?

Carl, you mentioned that " we are not willing to give away an unbranded product". Is my understanding correct that there is still no way to hide the menu bar on the fully licensed version that we will purchase for our customer?

If you need to incorporate marketing into your software, the logon screen or a splash screen is the best place to do it. Putting your logo under a menu bar will do you no good because, as I mentioned, as far as our customer is concerned the screens are display only and they will not be accessing the drop down menu.

Also note that if we can not hide the menu bar then we can not purchase Inductive Automation software for our customer, so there will be no branding regardless. Furthermore, the competition provides a way to hide the menu bars and this does not seem to be an issue with their software.

Sorry, that was unclear. I was referring to “giving away” some sort of white-labeling licensing agreement that would remove our branding from the product.

Yes, I completely agree. Its not even marketing, per se, it is just having the ability for someone inspecting the software to discover that it is FactoryPMI

Modern screens with a wide aspect ratio tend to already be a bit ‘vertically challenged’ already, so I would prefer to be able to hide the menu bar.

I do think you should maintain your branding, either in a splash screen or on the login screen. Remember however that if auto-login is enabled, the login screen is barely displayed for a second before it disappears.


Yeah, I know… better than nothing though I guess. Plus if you ever log out it would be displayed, although I know it is rare that people ever log out.

Has the ‘hide the menu bar’ feature been addressed yet?
I read all the threads on that topic and it looked like an IA splash screen would solve the issue.

Yeah, it is implemented for the next major version