Hierarchy Tree Customization

Can you help me on how to create a Hierarchy Tree using template repeater?
like this:

I'll use that template to create a template repeater

and i want it to be like this (its functionality)

It's an interesting idea.

Here are a few ideas on how to approach this to get you started:
• I would use the template repeater in dataset mode.
• The dataset could contain a Parent Name column, and the presence of a name in this column could control the visibility of the '+/-' button
• The template itself would be nothing more than the "+/-" button, an image, and a borderless button or a label to get the look you are depicting here.
• The hierarchical depth could be determined any number of ways, and I could see several approaches that would work to create the tab spacing. The one I would be inclined to try first would be to use a transparent object on the left side of a container with a FlowLayout. The arbitrary base width of the object could be multiplied by the zero indexed hierarchy depth, and the other objects would be naturally pushed to the right as the depth increased.
• When it comes to collapsibility and expandability, perhaps the template parameters could actually be a filtered dataset, and the master dataset could be a custom property on the template itself. The button text at the time of button press could determine whether or not a group's children in the master dataset are removed from or added to the template parameters before or after the button's sign is switched.

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can you make me a sample of it? sorry I'm still a newbie on datasets.

I imagine it will need to look like this:

Custom property on the repeater called Master Dataset to use for filtering collapsed templates out of the repeater:

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how about the position of when expanding? Will i use gui transform?

can you explain the column to me. like the depth?

what custom property will I make in the template inside the repeater?

my problem is some components have no x and y properties

You can edit your posts instead of making 4 different ones in a row.

Wouldn't it be easier to use the tree view component and customize it to fit the use case ?

The custom properties must match the column name, and they will be bound to the component properties themselves to give them their attributes. The label text will be bound to the name property, the imagePath will be bound to... etc

Off the top of my head, I'm not aware of any component missing this, but in any case, if the FlowLayout approach works, this is probably not something that will need consideration.

That was the first thing I asked him:

Ah ! I was surprised you didn't mention it here !

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where will I use the masterparameters custom properties? Sorry but I'm really a beginner here.

sorry I dm him instead of posting publicly first that's why.

Here is a downloadable example I recently did that takes a master dataset custom property and parses it into template parameters for template repeaters:

Look this over and familiarize yourself with it.

To start with, get the basics of your template built, and work on getting your text and images to show up properly. One the basics are in place, we can turn or attention to solving problems of indention and collapsibility.

also I don't know what is FlowLayout?

Here is the documentation on that:


This is just an idea; I'm not sure yet if this is best approach, but we can worry about that later in the development process after templates start showing up in a repeater.

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I see. Where do I put my script?

Let's back up a step. What's the purpose of this thing?

I want to use a hierarchy tree to my assets for my management dashboard.

Your asset information is recorded in a database?