High 3D GPU Usage When Using Perspective Sites

We have been moving all of our Ignition vision projects to perspective and a lot of the end users have been complaining that they are running slow. I’ve been looking into why the pages are loading slow and I noticed that when I open a perspective page, in the task manager says that my GPU 3D usage is around 40 to 50%. I have been using a computer that was purchased for some CAD usage, so it has a decent graphics card and I can only imagine that a standard computer would use a lot more of this. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this or knows what is causing it. Thanks

Part of this is just that most browsers will use the GPU to render if possible because it’s more efficient, and the other part will depend on what your screens are and how you’ve designed them, so I think you’re going to have to share some examples.

This is a basic screen that we have set up with several other that have more data displayed on them. I was wondering if the LED numbers are one of the culprits.