High CPU & Memory usage

Guys I need Help,

Server Specs:

  • HP Proliant G9 4cores CPU, Not Hyper Threading
  • Windows Server 2008R2 Standard Vm, 4Cores CPU, 12Gb RAM

Ignition Gateway:

  • ver. 7.9.6
  • 45564 Tags
  • 4 PLC connection
  • MySQL DB
  • 6 Client Stations

Issues in the Field:

  • After a long Run of the Gateway CPU usage would go up to 100% which cause operational problems.
  • When we Reboot the Gateway it will go back to normal.
  • is there any fixed?

Using our Office Server Dell PowerEdge 24cores CPU & 128GB RAM, Support Hyper Threading:

  • We Run the Gateway Server Vm with 8cores CPU & 12GB of RAM. it Works Fine
  • But for our simulation Test.

Your system’s behavior sounds like the behavior of the old garbage collector on memory pressure. Please show your ignition.conf file. (Use triple-backquotes above and below so it formats…)

Edit: Your performance page snapshot shows the G1 garbage collector, so that’s not it. But memory pressure could still be involved.

Ignition runs under java.exe.