High DPI issues and embedded JRE

I just upgraded to 7.9.16 from 7.9.6 in preparation for the upcoming release of 8.1. I started seeing the same high DPI issues described elsewhere; fonts were blocky and the screen size was much larger than expected. The solution here works, but I’d rather not have to ask all my users to have to set those preferences. After some further investigation, I found the problem only happens with the bundled JRE.

Bundled: Azul Systems, Inc.
Locally installed: Oracle 1.8.0_261

I can’t find any mention of the bundled JRE version anywhere in the Gateway.

  1. Can the bundled JRE version be changed, or is that linked to the Ignition version?
  2. What version will 8.1 be bundled with?
  3. Do these high DPI issue continue with later JREs, whether OpenJDK or Azul versions?

My Ignition server is 64-bit Linux, running a 1.8.0_171-b11 JRE. Client is 64-bit Win 10.

Ignition 8.0 and 8.1 come bundled with Azul JDK 11 in both gateway and client/designer. Ignition 7.9 does not include Java for the gateway - only with the launchers.

These high DPI issues do likely continue, because what you’re really seeing is that starting with JDK 9 support for high DPI on Windows was introduced, though exactly what issues you’re referring to I’m not sure.

The fonts will also be different in Ignition 8.x than what you’re seeing now.