High dpi/scale factor issues with message box

So we are in the process of making sure that our systems are as flexible as possible for our customers, and one things we are noticing is that confirmation boxes aren’t being scaled properly when a scale factor is on the screen.

This is using Windows 10 and Ignition Vision 8.1.11.

For instance on the Update Available confirmation box the bottom portion is cutoff:


And a standard confirm box is cutoff as well:

Is there anything on the JVM side or Ignition side to fix this? I know we can set the scale factor back to 100% to correct that on the PC side, but I’d like to be able to just run these applications on the settings that the users PC has and not have to mess with their display settings.

Fractional scaling seems to be a problem for Swing, even on Java 11; you might have better luck at, say, 150% scaling instead of 125%, but generally I find that only 100% or 200% really works properly.

Unfortunately, there’s no workaround I know of.

Ugh ok. I was afraid of that. Most Windows 10 machines come preset at 125%… stinks that Swing can’t get it together on this.

Thanks for the help

I never have this problem because I avoid those pop-ups like the plague. Really, don’t use them. Use real pop-up windows.

I can get around the confirm boxes etc… it’s the embedded Ignition ones that I worry about. Like the project update one. And I’m not sure if the native error message box is effected either.

The native error message box is resizeable, so there’s a way out for the user. You have a point about the project update box. IA should be able to fix that one.

and it’s really annoying… I even have my 27" 4K monitor set to 100% when windows wants it at 200% :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: