High trend of CPU and memory

Good morning, my name is Felipe. I have analyzed the ignition gateway daily and noticed that Ignition is consuming a lot of memory and the CPU trend is almost 100%, as shown in the image below.


Analyzing the virtual machine, these are the settings:

Also analyzing in Ignition config the Initial Java Heap Size (in MB), these are the settings, as shown in the image below:

I would like to know if there is anything I can do to improve the performance of Memoria, because every time it reaches 100% it drops the system and it is necessary to restart the Ignition server, when the system is restarted, the memory resumes with a low value and as the days go by, it increases until it reaches 100% and brings down the system. stays in that loop. I was wondering if one of the options could be to increase the memory heap, for example, from 8192 to 10240. If this negatively affects the performance and performance of Ignition, I would like to know if there is another one to improve performance of my system.

The database is installed on another virtual machine, I am talking about this only for information level.

I appreciate all the help now.

Sounds like something in Ignition is leaking memory. You probably need help from support.

You’ll probably want to call support for that. It could be many things. You’ll want to check for any sort of weirdness in status.

The biggest two culprits in my experience are Gateway Scripts and Store and Forward.