Highlight button on mouseover

Hi everyone
I was wondering if it is possible to change the outline property of a button if the mouse moves over it.
I have tried the script on ‘mousemotion > mousemoved’ but of course I cannot get the original outline of the button back when the mouse moves away.

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Are you using Perspective, or Vision?


What are you trying to change with it? I only have a 7.9 system in front of me right now but in there, there is a behavior property for the buttons with ‘Rollover’ as one of the functions. This has it give a light highlight on the button when your over it. If you want to do your own you should be able to use the mouse>mouseEntered and mouse>mouseExited functions to set a property however you would like.

The mouseEntered / mouseExited fire when I click the mousebutton…my goal is to highlight the outline of the buttons because they are on a white background, which I cannot change.

No, the description states mouseEntered “This event fires when the mouse enters the space over the source component”. mouseExited “This event fires when the mouse leaves the space over the source component” Even testing it real quick, it has nothing to do with a mouse click. It just deals with the mouse moving into the area of the button and leaving the area of the button.

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yikes ! it does work…
I am sorry about that!..late afternoon :slight_smile:

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