Highlight Button while pressed

I was wondering if there is a way to indicated visually that a button is being pressed. In FactoryTalk when pushing a button like a momentary push button the button has a highlight ring around it as long as the button is being pressed.

Is there a way to duplicate this behavior in Ignition? I would like to use a momentary push button as a combination button/indicator where the operator would press a “Start” button and it would highlight while he was in contact with the button and then once the device is at speed that button would grey out and the text would display “Running”.

In the button properties (bottom left of the designer on the standard layout) you can change the background, colours, text, borders, visibility etc all based on tags.

So for example when the button is pressed, they ‘true’ tag could activate a border and once once upto speed you could active some text etc.

Another option could be the component scripting; add code to change the properties under events for mousePressed and mouseReleased.

If you use a momentary button as opposed to a standard button, the indicator tag, when set, will cause the action you’re referring to. You can change the outline color to anything you want.