Highlighting Specific Table Values

Ignition 7.6.6

I am having some difficulty with one of my Tables. We use this table to review Quality data to determine if material is good/bad in a fast paced environment. That being said I need a quick visual check so that they can pull up their data and at a glance see if any of the data is out of our specified range ie. Red Text/Bold.

so in their table, anything that is out of a range of say .050-.054 it will be red bold Text.

Please forgive me as this is the first post I have made to the forum.

If you get your data from a database you can try something like this.

SELECT val1, CASE WHEN val1 BETWEEN 0.050 AND 0.054 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END AS 'outofrange' FROM mytable

On the table, add a background mapping off the outofrange column.
You can change the font, foreground etc in a similar way.

This is a big help however (my fault for not specifying) they are reviewing 28 columns of data, 21 of these need the mapping for the out of range color code. By your response would I not have to make 1 out of range column for each of the 21 columns under review, other wise if one was out of spec the entire row would follow the out of range color code? :confused:

You can use html to format the table.

SELECT CASE WHEN val1 BETWEEN 0.050 AND 0.054 THEN Val1 ELSE CONCAT('<html><b><font color="red">',Val1,'</font></b>') END AS 'Val1', CASE WHEN val2 BETWEEN 3 AND 5 THEN Val2 ELSE CONCAT('<html><b><font color="blue">',Val2,'</font></b>') END AS 'Val2' FROM mytable

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