Hipcup in "Timer Trigger"

I have this in a Transaction Group to trigger by a timer every 30 minutes.

My problem is every so often the trigger fires when it’s not suppose to (Which it writes a NULL to all coulmns) and resets the trigger point to begin every 30 minuter from that trigger.

See example

This causes a problem in my TREND graphs because there will be a BLANK spot on the graph at that time.

That tag that has a null - it only has a non-null value every 30 minutes and then goes right back to null?

I don’t understand what you mean?

I’m concerned about the Timestamp, it’s not being triggered every 30 minutes. And when it messes up it resets the trigger timer to a new value.

Are you actively working on this project? Transaction groups restart when you save their project.

I mispoke before. Each column is a tag value you are recording correct. Are they continuous or analgog tags? Is there any reason why they would legitimately be null or is them being a null the bug?