Histoical Transaction Group 'Unable To Start' troubleshooting

I have standard transaction groups for recipe management, and have created an additional ‘Historical’ transaction group that mirrors those tags to log any changes to those. When enabling, I get an ‘Unable to Start’ and can’t find anything in Gateway logs as to why. Any other troubleshooting, things to look for? All tag values look/seem valid, and it did create the table ‘automatically create table’ OK, just not logging changes of course. Thanks.

In your Transaction Group you have Status and Events Tab at the bottom, what do you see in the Events tab when you run into the ‘Unable to Start’ error?

Just this, ‘Unable to Start group’ and the ‘fatally_errored’ not telling me much.

However, in further testing, creating another group one at a time, so far I’m noticing something data type related? those Float4 are running fine, but when I add an Int4 that is mapped to a column in the SQL Server DB that is int is when I get the error? Still in midst of testing , perhaps more to follow. Thanks.

At this point with all the information you have regarding this issue, I think it’s best to contact Support for further troubleshooting.