Historian Data At Different Frequencies

I have a project that requires the historian to store data at a frequency of < 10 seconds for 6 months. Data after 6 months can be 1 minute data. I want to avoid storing < 10s data forever. I am thinking possibly using preprocessing on the database connection to a 60-second interval, disabling data pruning, and have the DBMS prune the < 10 second data that is > 6 month old. Will it break the Ignition trending to be missing the raw tables, but not the preprocessed tables?
Running Ignition 8.1x with MSSQL.

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I can’t say for certain whether it would work or not. Trending will only work if all of these tables are intact. I would say thoroughly test this before implementing it.

One way to implement this through Ignition would be to store two different sets of history for the tag: one every < 10 seconds, one every minute. Then set the < 10 seconds history to prune every six months. This may take up more storage space up front, but it will be much less of a hassle, and it will definitely work.