Historian 'dataintegrity' 0


I'm looking for some clarity on what 0 means in the 'dataintegrity' column. The history tables reference (Ignition Database Table Reference - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation) points me towards the data quality codes (Quality Codes and Overlays - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation) and the value '0' in that list is Good_Unspecified. Despite being 'good', Ignition seems to be treating the data like it is bad. For example, we have a tag that was alternating between quality 192 and 0, and the Power Chart was breaking the trend when the quality went to 0 (the bottom line corresponds with the table).


I'm just looking for some clarity as the why code 0 is considered bad and what might cause it. I have seen suggestions that it could be related to overloaded communications.

This is with Ignition 8.1.23


The "unspecified" has been treated in various ways over the years, such that it can mean "missing on purpose" or similar. Ignition's various charts all expect an unambiguous "good" to plot.

Thanks for your response.
Something I forgot to mention is that these tags are coming from a non-Ignition OPC UA server (specifically EcoStruxure OPC UA Server Expert). Would you know if the 'dataintegrity' exactly matches the OPC UA quality subcode or does Ignition do some some manipulation to the quality data?
I think what I'm asking is "is it possible that the '0' value came from that other OPC UA server and should I be asking them about it?"