Historian db sizing

Looking for a refence on how to size up a server to host historian, thanks for sharing.

Hi @CTavakoli, this largely comes down to how many tags you’re recording and the rate you are doing it at.

Edit: and if you’re pruning the data.

Thanks @matthew.ayre , indeed, and I am looking for a reference indicating the relationship between number/type/rate vs HW sizing requirements/recommendations.

There is this thread that may still be valid.

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Keep in mind that when plotting tags on a chart, if they have no points recorded within the chart window, no trend line will show at all if you use the default logging settings. This is particularly noticeable for things like setpoints that don’t change all that often, or even states and modes of valves. The x-trace will not show the value of the tag either.

For this reason, I set all trended tags to have a max age which should be at most equal to a third of the minimum chart window you expect operators to want to view the chart with so that there are at least 3 data points on the chart. E.g. if they might want to go down to a 1-hour window, then I would set a max age to at most 20mins.
Obviously, however, this will increase your data usage, as you’ll no longer get the benefit of only storing changed values.

Additionally, I calculated my average size per row of data at 78B.
That’s based on 2.5 years’ worth of data.

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