Historian: forcing prune

Hi everyone,

I was getting some bad numbers from Historian Store & Forward.


So, after some optimization on deadband and sample mode, I got my datapoints/sec really down.

How can I force Historian to delete old data? I had partitions by months and I just set it to days to try to force it to prune last month but I still see the table there.

Edit #1:
After some time I saw in the logs that there was some data pruning:

But I still see some errors:

I also notice that Local Cache datapoints/sec are always lower than Database Storage datapoints/sec. I would expect the Database Storage to be higher. That way it would be able to log every data point, otherwise it makes sense that it’s dropping datapoints.

Hi tupanaster,

To prune your tag historian's data, you can configure the historian's pruning settings from the Gateway.

Find your Datasource History Providers.
And to access these settings, go to the Config tab of the Gateway Webpage and select Tags > History . Then click the Edit button for the provider you want to update.

You'll want to Enable Data Pruning & modify the Prune Age and Units.
Please see the following documentation if you have further questions: