Historian Import (iFix)

Has anyone done a mass import of data from another historian? I’d like to explore the possibilities of importing an iFix database. Ideally, I would duplicate the tag structure in Ignition, let it start logging data, then backfill the Ignition database with the iFix data.

I know that the historian has an ODBC connector, so I can write queries against it in SQL. I know that I could populate that in Ignition. However, there are intricacies such as the iFix historian compression, Ignition’s compression, and getting all the other database requirements right in Ignition.

Any pointers?

I know that we’ve done imports from Wonderware, but I haven’t seen anything from iFix. Getting this done will depend completely on how easy it is to get that data out of the iFix historian in the first place.

If I were doing this project, I would export the iFix data, go through it until I have only value change events, and then stuff that back into the Ignition SQLTH tables.