Historian not logging after gateway upgrade

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I've been trying to figure why my ignition historian has been updating or logging new tags, every think seems to be running and the database is valid but the tags have stopper logging and when i log a new tag i get a (Bad_Stale) error, has any one overcome this ? I have a licensed historian.

Go to your gateway, status, store and forward, check for quarantine.

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That seems to be where the tags are, the error is space, where are the auto grow settings for the Historian ?

Check the obvious first. Is the hard disk full?

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No there is plenty of space.

Well, it is SQL Server that is reporting that the disk is full. So you will have to investigate that, not Ignition. Are you using Express? It has a total space limitation, IIRC.

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This is probably the case. Express is limited to 10GB which will fill up rather fast depending on how many tags and how often you're logging the data. Had a customer with this exact issue not long ago. They wanted a free SQL server, specified Microsoft, and even though we told them this would be limited, they were surprised and wondering why data wouldn't log anymore after a few months. Now on new projects, they don't specify Microsoft and let us choose the database software.

On a side note, I feel like we've seen a trend lately of customers not listening to our suggestions because they either don't completely understand or are trying to save money, then they come back later realizing we were right, and they spend 5X or more than what it would have cost to do it properly up front.



Yes when i checked the database was set up on express. I've relocated it and all is back logging, i guess the gateway upgrade was just coincidental to the Historian stopping.
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