Historian rows replicated in sqlth_partitions

Why are there duplicate rows being created in sqlth_partitions. They have the exact same timestamps. I tried updating the duplicate entries, but somehow in the background Ignition keeps generating a new duplicate all the time. Seems like a bug

What does your sqlth_drv table look like? Did someone restore a production .gwbk, non-disabled, on another machine in the network with access to the production DB?

theres two entries in there as well

I don't believe there was any restoration

I don't believe you :slight_smile:

Your DRV table looks correct, which eliminates one possible source of partition confusion. Check your database logs to see the incoming IP(s) that are creating these tables. If they're both the same source gateway I'll be very surprised.

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@PGriffith just a heads up but we have an open ticket with a bug report on this and have been told it won't be fixed until 8.3 :frowning:
It is caused by records coming in out of order is what we have been told.
And ticket #92437

I have a custom SQL Function that I use to fix the duplicates for now, but it is a pain.