Historian Split to Another DB - how to use the history?

I have a server at a facility, and an enterprise server with a hefty DB. I've configured the plant server with a historian splitter - primary to a local DB, second to my enterprise DB. On my enterprise Ignition server, I'd like to essentially mirror the tag provider from the facility server while leveraging the enterprise DB tag history. The intention of this is to allow unlimited analysis against the enterprise DB so that the facility server & DB are unaffected. What's the right way to configure this so that the two systems stay in sync? (Note that we are not using Gateway Network as we've found an errored connection can cause significant impact on the facility server.)

Might be difficult or impossible without the GAN. The functionality you need is part of the remote tag provider that you would use in the enterprise gateway to pick up the live tags. Such a remote provider can have its history queries diverted to a database connection/history provider pair on the enterprise side (specifically to not have history queries running through the GAN).