Historian tag no display on easychart

I have set up a tag with historian feature enabled



And then created an easy chart and dragged and dropped this into it but the chart does not populate?


This has been active for a couple of days and I the database is running,
I have taken a clip from the console that looks to be the issue but need some assistance to understand what can stop the insertion of tag information in the database?

What happens when you turn the No Count option off in SQL Server?

Im trying to locate the No count option but did come across this when looking? Is the No count within the ignition setup or server?


What version of MSSSQL is this? I usually access it in SQL Server Management Studio by right clicking on the server, selecting properties > Connections and then unchecking “no count” under Default connection options.


You may need to search for your version + “turn off no count”

This is already unchecked?


Interesting. I’d open a ticket with support then.

The no count setting is probably a red herring – the error is that an update query is returning a result set.

The no count setting is not a red herring, it’s been documented as a possible cause of the issue. Crossing it off the list is quick and painless.

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I have created a support ticket but no response as yet but now the cache is full and affecting the buffer?

Having raised a support request on this matter this has not been assigned after 4 days and I am still no further forward?
Is there a preferred method to get support? as I am very disappointed that a web request has not been picked up and that PST telephone support is evening time here in the UK.

The forum is a completely unofficial support avenue.

With the support department, I believe their priority is: calls, emails, web.

I'm sorry you haven't been able to get your request answered in a reasonable time, their response times vary based on support load, and if there are a lot of phone calls the email and web response times slip.