Historian Tag Values show as 0 in datatable and time series, but not actually 0 in DB

I recently configured tag historian for the first time and I have run into an issue. The historian is configured to a MSSQL DB, and I have not modified any table structure. When I look at the db in MSSMS, I clearly see values stored for my tag, and the table structure appears to match what is in the documentation.

However, when I attempt to perform a history binding to a datatable, my data shows up as all 0s. Not surprisingly, this also occurs when binding to a perspective time series plot.

And if it is any use, I am running this in perspective with Ignition 8.1.16.

Hello Skye_Jenkins,

For your tag history binding, can you re-do the tag selection? I see that for your tag path, your tag's Tag Provider is [ignitionDB_solarlaminator/.....] Is your Tag Provider name actually that long? See my example below.

The tag path here should match the same tag path if you go to your Tag Browser and right click > copy path the specific tag that you are trying to trend.

You can reference the example in our User Manual here:

My tag provider path is in fact that long. This was a test project, so I just used an autogenerated tag from the plc, so it is quite verbose.

Funny enough, I closed the project last week, moved on to other things, and when I opened it today everything is working as expected. :man_shrugging:

Regardless, thank you for responding to me!

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