Historian TagPath Doesn't Work in Perspective

Hi there,

I need to help about using Realtime Tag Provider in perspective.

I have a few tag provider and this problem only occurs in “LLB Realtime Providers”. Im trying to get data for some components with this;

Also, when im trying to get from “LLB Historical Providers”, its working.

Probably, this issue regarding to using same name for Historical and Realtime tag provider.

But i dont want to change their names and also default tag provider form project properties.

Here is more detail in order to understand main point;

2022-06-15 13-44-51.rar (6.6 MB)

Did you recently change the name of the gateway after creating tags with history enabled?

I had a similar issue, but it occurred after I renamed the gateway. I had to delete my history tables in my db and have ignition recreate them. You could go into the tables made my historian made and remove some of the old entries in sqlth_drv and realign the id’s in sqlth_te with the newer providers.

I think when you rename the gateway, creates new names with the same provider in the drv table. Data gets stored still, but in the first provider and when you pull data it uses the newer provider id.

thank you for your reply @kyler.kamyszek,

yes i changed several time provider names but the point is i need to use historical and realtime providers with same name. i guess as you said, its not possible and datas always come from last named one.