Historian Tags in Version 7.7.10 -- Generating Report --

I have a customer using Ignition Version 7.7.10 and requires a set of reports to be generated based on some historian tags.
His requirement is to pull data for a month (flow,ph, etc).

  • Each Day Average
  • Each Day Max, Min

I can retrieve the data but don’t know how to generate the average for each day and still pass the information to the report module.
I’m thinking of retrieving all my data for a month pass it over to mySQL and do all my queries and calculations there but that seems clumsy and would take a lot of resources…
Any ideas?

So many applications for my Simulation Aids module today!

You probably want the grouping feature of the view() expression function to generate a separate dataset. Pass them both to the report module. (IIRC, v7.7’s reporting module runs only in the client. For v7.8 and later, I’d recommend a script data source to post-process the raw data.)