Historian Tags not showing up in Report Data Historian query

I am having issues getting my tags that I set up history on to show up for a report. I set up a report and on the data tab added a historian query. I only have one storage provider set up and when I choose it I only get a few of the historian tags to show up. Maybe half of the ones I set up. I have the historian and reporting modules. The ones not showing up are in the same tag folder as some that are showing up. Can someone explain why some would show up and some not? I did notice that the ones that are not showing up seem to be associated with the PLC which is not currently connected and cannot be until I am on site. But it seems like I should be able to set up the report using those created tags even if I am not currently hooked up to the PLC.

Is it possible historical records are not being created for the tags that are invalid (the PLC tags with no active connection). Thus, your historian query returns all items that exist in the history tables, but there are no records yet for the PLC.

Do you have access to the historian DB that you can verify the records contained within, which tags are currently/actively being written via tag history?

That could be, but the ones showing up are though a TCP connection that is also not currently accessible.

How would I look up the historian DB?

Looking at the gateway logs it seems there is no history data for things that do not have connection. This makes sense for why I do not have anything, but is there a way to set up a report before actually hooking up to a system and having to do all the report setup on site?

Insert some fake history with the system.tag.* script functions. The reporting module needs some data to work with.