Historian won't keep up unless I have a backfill running

So we are having an issue with the historian. If I have a backfill going, the realtime historian will keep up. Once the backfill finishes the main historian db will start filling up and I have to start another backfill to keep the main historian connection going. We are also having issues with powerchart trending not working, but my assumption is it will start working again when the historian plays nice. Any thoughts?Thx, jake

Hello Jake,

I would suggest reaching out to support to dig into this over a remote session as there can be a lot to unfold. However, in most cases, the bottleneck that causes the disk cache to fill up is the throughput to the database.

I was working with them before, they didn't know why. We have a consultant trying to get us to move to influx db.

Do you happen to have a support ticket number?