Historic for array

Hi !

I have some difficulties to retrieve data from historic.
When I have a look at my SQLserver base, I have some questions about the way data are stored: It seems to me the table saves scalar values, and not array.

My data come for an OPC tree and I have a XML file describing each element. This file is used to generate the SQLTags. Do I have to add/modify something in that file in a case of an array ?

Here is the XML part concerning My array :

<Tag name="spectrum" path="_Driver01_/ChannelSet/Dynamic/spectrum/" type="OPC"> <Property name="EngUnit"/> <Property name="Documentation">DIID:0 StringID:1234</Property> <Property name="PrimaryHistoryProvider">sqlserver</Property> <Property name="FormatString">0.00E0</Property> <Property name="OPCServer">Ignition OPC-UA Server</Property> <Property name="Tooltip">spectrumCompressed</Property> <Property name="OpcItemPath">[Driver01]/ChannelSet/Dynamic/spectrum</Property> <Property name="HistoryTimestampSource">1</Property> <Property name="AccessRights">0</Property> <Property name="DataType">9</Property> <Property name="HistoricalDeadband">0.0</Property> <Property name="EngHigh">1000000.0</Property> <Property name="EngLow">0.0</Property> <Property name="Deadband">0.0</Property> <Property name="ScaledHigh">1000000.0</Property> <Property name="RawHigh">1000000.0</Property> <Property name="HistoryEnabled">true</Property> </Tag>