Historic trend data GUI

Hi All.

Just putting my feelers out to see if anyone knows of a nice front end project/window to display historic trend data.

I’m looking for something along the lines of the wonderware trend client


[Edit: Windows server 2019, Ignition 8.1.14]


You can download Ignition and use it for as long as you like if you don’t mind resetting the licence every two hours. You need to decide whether you’re going for a Vision application or a web-based Perspective project. There are several chart components.

Hi Transistor.

We have a fully licensed ignition server, I just want to give the bean counters in the office the ability to look at any trend pen of there choosing as they currently do with wonderware trend.

I feel something like this should already exist somewhere, so just putting the feelers out. I’m happy to build the window/project myself for the customer but why re-invent the wheel if its already out there


Ignition’s charting tools are very customizable to suit the variety of data storage techniques supported, so what you are looking for is best found on the Ignition Exchange, where users can share design elements. Set the category to “Trending/Charting” to see some possibilities. “Ad Hoc Trends” for Perspective, perhaps, or the “Vision Ad Hoc Trend Chart”. Exchange resources are customizable for your needs, but save a bunch of design effort.

Thanks Phil.

Had a few issues getting onto exchange initially but seems to be working now.
The Vision Ad Hoc Trend Chart looks to tick all the boxes. I’ll download it and give it a whirl.