Historical and Live Tag Information


While developing my current project at the office, I defined a UDT that had various tags with Tag History defined. using the same History Provider definition as the database name at the client’s site. However when I fired up the screen with the easy chart on it at the customer it was red indicating an error.

I’m thinking that I need to do something to make sure that their historical database has the correct definitions.

Should I go through the UDT definition and turn off the history for each tag, then turn it back on? I’m still modifying things in more than one location. Sometimes I’m working in the office on my local setup, and sometimes I’m at the customer. In each case I am exporting the project and the tags and importing them into the older site to keep both sides in sync. Will this cause problems for the historian?

On another note, can the charting show a combination of live and historical data? If so can you point me to where the method do configure that properly is defined please?

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Did you enable the historian and configure the database connection in your client’s gateway?

Yes I did, but the database connection entry was created by somebody else on the production gateway and they didn’t use the same case… So my PLCHistory became PLCHISTORY. I’ve changed it on the client’s machine to PLCHistory and things seem to be better. However, since the same database is used for the Alarm Journal, I now have on the Ignition Alarm Journal web page the database listed in both ways, very interesting…

Thanks for the response and suggestion. It forced me to validate the database name.

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I have added a button to the page where I show the charts which allows changing from Realtime to Historical and back. This accomplishes what I wanted with the question in the last paragraph.