Historical chart problem

Hello! On video http://dropmefiles.com/kjPls you can see 2 problems

  1. Not correct displaying discrete output when zoom out the time.
  2. All values goes constant at 2014-03-01 00:00:00, but if i go to zoom time like in 1) i can see another values.



Sorry for the delay. A couple quick questions:

  1. What version of ignition is this?
  2. Are you using “pre-processed” tables? In other words, if you go to the gateway, and go to Configure>SQLTags>Historian, and edit the history provider, is “Enable Pre-Processed Partitions” turned on?
  3. If you go to Help>Diagnostics in the designer, and click the “Clear Tag History Cache” button, does it change anything?

The first problem with the booleans looks like something that has been fixed, but I’d like to be a little more sure. The problem with the analog values… looks more like what might happen if history was simply turned off for the tags, or more likely, that the tags were moved. Could they have been moved? If you create a new easy chart and drag one of the tags over, does it display the same way?

The next thing to do would be to turn on the loggers for tag history in the gateway and see what is being reported for the loaded vs. returned values… but maybe start with the questions above, and we’ll move to that next.


Ignition 7.6.4 rc3
Tags not moved, this problem on all the charts.
The way to fix it - restarting the Ignition Gateway service. It was easy but i don’t know how it happend…

After restarting it started logging again, or all of the data filled in that was previously flat? If it filled in, maybe something was blocking the store and forward engine… at any rate, should you notice something like this again, perhaps start by downloading a “thread dump” from the gateway (either from the GCU, or Config>Console>Threads in the gateway).


Ok, thanks.