Historical Partition Start Time

I have set my system to a partition length of “1” and a partition unit of “Month”.
As expected, I have one partition per month:
sqlt_data_1_2011_04, sqlt_data_1_2011_05, sqlt_data_1_2011_06 and so on.

However, partitions don’t seem to begin until 09:14 or 10:14 on the first of the month (I think the 09:14 vs 10:14 is to do with daylight savings), and don’t end until the same time on the first of the following month.

This means that some of April’s data is in the May partition, some of May’s data is in the June partition and so on.

Is there any way to ensure that there is only data for a particular month in the partition for that month?

What determines the cutover time between partitions?

Ah, yes, that’s an interesting observation. It looks like it’s a tiny bug that’s causing that- won’t affect performance or anything, but what’s going on is that when calculating the start time of the next month, it’s accidentially using the the current time values for hour/minute. So, the first time you started the system up was at 9am on some day. It looked to day 1 of the next month, but kept the time at 9 am.

Should be easy enough to fix for 7.2.7.