Historical pie chart

I’m trying to compare the power consumption over a region of time for two different areas. I’ve set each tag to log to historian, and bound the Data property of the pie chart to Tag History of the two tags. So, it turns out the largest percentage of the power usage is t_stamp, the number of milliseconds from 1970.

In attempt 2, I custom created a property of the pie chart that makes the 3 column dataset, and attempted to create an expression that sums the 2 relevant columns and uses those values for the pie chart, however I was unsuccessful. What is the best way to approach this problem in ignition?

  1. Add a custom property (type dataset) and copy your historical binding to it
  2. Change the binding on the pie chart’s data property to an expression using columnRearrange - a somewhat misleading name, it can also be used to filter columns from a dataset, with something like this:
    columnRearrange({Root Container.Pie Chart.Custom Property}, "tag1", "tag2")