Historical Report - Logging Rate Based on ONE Tag

Hello, all.
Geist of the problem:
I am trying to create a historical report with data that is logged at the end of each spec run. However, the report wants to query rows every time any of the variables change or just multiple rows, depending on the sample size mode of the data source. I want one row to be populated with all of the relevant data when the spec is finished.

Relevant info:

  • All tags update in the PLC at the same time when tag "X" one shots
  • All tags in Ignition are set in "default historical" tag group
    • DHTG is set to driven mode based on the same tag "X" and one-shot is true
      -I've played around with sample size
    • On Change will log a row for every tag that updates
      Also, when a tag hasn't changed in a while, it just reports N/A
    • Natural will log several rows. Each row is exactly how I want it, I just want only
      1 of them.

Tag Group Settings

On Change


Please prompt me for any info I might have left out.
Also, ignore the poor formatting. Functionality first.

You are describing using the tag historian for functionality of SQL Bridge transaction groups. Use a transaction group with X as the trigger. Use OPC Read mode and OPC items (not Ignition tags) to read all of the other values. The works will be recorded together in a single row of a custom table.

(A script can be made to do this if you don't want to buy the SQL bridge module.)

The tag historian has no concept or support for triggered recording of a batch of data because every value gets its own row in the historian's tall tables. Which makes a mess when you try to retrieve them all as if only one row. What you are getting is probably the best the tag historian can do.

10-4. Much appreciated.