Historical Report that uses a single tag change to pull data from multiple tags


I'm trying to build a report simlar to the following structure:
Tag A changes at irregular intervals.
Tag B only changes by operator input.
Tag C changes constantly

I want a report that shows the value for Tag A,B, and C every time Tag A changes for a 24hr period.

I can't seem to make the report only add values for a change in one tag displayed. It either adds a line for a change in any tag or wants to be based on a fixed number of point over a given time. The 24hr period, I understand just fine.

Any help would be appreciated!

The report should look like this

A =1 B=5 C=10
A=2 B=5 C=2
A=3 B=5 C=8
A=4 B=5 C=12
A=5 B=4 C=15
A=6 B=4 C=3
A=7 B=4 C=10

This is what transaction groups are for. Record all three items with A as the trigger, in "any change" mode.

Or just a tag change script, if you're a tight a55 like me :smiley:

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Thanks, that makes sense I was trying to do it just using the historian module since I didn't purchase the SQL bridge, but maybe I'll have to get it. The transaction group converts the time to millis but I cant seem to convert it back to an actual date and time when inputting it into a report. Is there a simple way to do this?

Either the expression function fromMillis() or the scripting function system.date.fromMillis() will do the trick.

If you didn't purchase the SQL Bridge module, you can always use a tag change event with system.db.runPrepUpdate() or similar database call.