Historical tag error (V.8.0.1)

After we upgraded Ignition 7.9.9 to 8.0.1, I found some gateways. It can’t write historical data to database (MySQL8.0), but it can read data in the database. Please help me to solve this problem.

Tag setting in gateway

Easy chart result

Store forward status

Database connection setting

History tag setting

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Does the ‘read only’ tag setting have anything to do with it?

In your mill drive amp tag, under security, the access rights are set to ‘read only’.

I’m not sure if that’s your problem but I saw that and figured I’d point it out.

Thank you for your help. But my problem is the OPC tag that I read values from the OPC server. It doesn’t store data to database connection that I set. And data of OPC tag struck in store forward feature, then Easy chart can’t see new data in trend.

I set ‘read-only’ in tag security because I don’t want someone to write values back to the OPC server.

I just tried the tag historian and if I set the Max Time Between Samples to 0 it stops saving data to the database. But if I set it to a value greater than the Min Time than it does.

The only other things I would try is to restart the Gateway using the command line utility: gwcmd -r

Sometimes when you throw stuff at the wall something will stick!