Historical Transaction Group Problem

I am logging some flow total tags to MySQL server database, using Historical transaction group for every one second.

My observations.

  1. In Transaction group configuration window, tag value showing “52228501504.000”. Please refer below screen shot “TransctionGroupView.PNG”
  2. If I retrieve the records from MySQL server for the same date time i.e. “2015-02-19 12:13:10”, it showing different like “52228500000”. Please refer below screen shot “MySQLWorkbenchView.PNG”
  3. I am able to understand why the last five digits of the values change automatically to “0” zero.

Due to this the daily production gets affected.
Please help me on this. :prayer:

I have changed the column data type from FLOAT to FLOAT(24,2) in MySQL and It is working fine. I am getting same values in Ignition and MySQL table.

I want to know is it correct method? :prayer:


Yes, I think that’s fine. I was going to suggest looking at the data types in the db. We probably need to look at our default settings to help people avoid this same problem in the future.


Thanks Colby.Clegg :smiley: