Historization of float tags

For ignition version 8.0.17 I encounter problems when historicizing.
The configuration of the tags historization is as follows:

This configuration is the same for int tags and float tags.
For the int tags the historization is working properly. Every hour if the variables do not change an insertion is made in the database.

For float data this does not happen. More than one hour can pass and there is no data insertion.

Deadband Style = Auto ==> Analog Style when datatype is float, and Discrete Style when integer. You should study the documentation for Analog Style--it holds off recording points to determine if they fall near the recent trend line. This improves compression, but makes it difficult to interpret the DB content directly via SQL.

(Use the tag history query functions and bindings for best results. Otherwise use Deadband Style = Discrete.)

Good morning,
thank you for your reply.
Another thing I have noticed is that the deadband is not working for us.
In a float tag we have the following configuration:

But what is inserted in the database does not meet this condition.