Historize a tag to MySQL

I’m trying to save tag history toa MySQL databse. The configuration is valid but I’m not seeing any data in the databases.
We have carefully followed instructions here https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Configuring+Tag+History

There are no tables created in the database and no history saved.
… there are no errors at all unless we attach the historised tag to a chart.

What are we doing wrong?

You haven’t provided enough information to even begin. This:

can’t be true, or you’d get data in your database. Some nuance or step is missing, or your DB connection isn’t configured to allow the operations Ignition needs to perform. More details, please.

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can’t be true

Yet it is true !

My database status is “Valid” and this leads me to believe that we should now be able to historize tags.

DB connection isn’t configured isnt’t configured allow the operations Ignition needs to perform

The db is open as it can be, and we can connect to it through MySQL workbench using the same admin username and password as is configured inthe Ignition connection.

What other configuration am I missing? I’d provide detail if I knew what to provide.

We found that in the advanced settings there is a default selection to disable writes from the MQTT engine to external nodes.