Historizing Data From an Edge Remote Tag Provider

I have a remote tag provider for my main gateway server that is just an edge gateway. This is just a PC close to the isolated machine network with two NICs so we can get the tags into our main gateway. I’m trying to historize these tags. I was hoping that I could just select a remote history provider for the edge gateway and historize them like normal, but I don’t see anywhere that I can do this on the edge gateway.

The alternative would be to make a bunch of reference tags to the remote provider tags on my main gateway’s default tag provider, but this doesn’t seem like an ideal solution. Are there any alternatives?

Running 8.0.6 on my main gateway as well as my edge gateway.

Have you found a solution for this? Or does someone have an update for this issue? (I know there was a significant Edge upgrade for 8.0.10) I’ve got a Edge project coming up that’s going to require something like this.

It is a separate license now called edge sync.

it looks like this: